Cart2Quote Partners

We have two types of partners; partners that specialize in implementing Cart2Quote into Magento projects, and Module makers that offer compatibility with Cart2Quote.

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  • Implementation Partners

    Implementation Partners have exhibited competencies across consulting, installing, reselling and training disciplines in working with the Cart2Quote extensions.

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  • Third party module makers

    Third party module makers either offer an out of the box module compatibility, or have extensive experience integrating a Cart2Quote module with their modules.

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Find a Cart2Quote Partner

  • Fisheye WebdesignUnited Kingdom

    We have been providing Magento Multi-channel solutions since the beginning; evolving our design, development and support services along the way to ensure we deliver our promises and meet your needs.

  • Batao E-CommerceThe Netherlands

    We are a reliable partner when you want to start a new e-commerce project, want to finetune some aspects of your existing business or rethink your strategy, content of marketing.

  • JunoRocketCalifornia, United States

    We offer simple, understandable solutions for the challenges businesses are facing today. In short, we assist you in doing more, with less.

  • FruitcakeThe Netherlands

    Our team of webdesigners and webdevelopers will be happy to work for you to optimize the use of the internet for your business.

  • BriteskiesOhio, United States

    Briteskies is incredibly unique in that our growth and development as professionals is as important as implementing successful solutions for our clients.

  • World SynergyOhio, United States

    World Synergy assists clients with integrated business service needs by offering Marketing, Applications, and Technology solutions with our unique C-suite Service model.

  • dNOVO ICTThe Netherlands

    We are a team of 6 young professionals and create solutions for webshops and websites.

  • Convert DigitalAustralia

    We create business solutions for the digital economy. Intelligent and innovative commerce is how we help businesses grow. All our work is guided by a desire to help our clients connect with their customers in a meaningful way.

  • SymfonyThe Netherlands

    Symfony advises e-commerce businesses and supports all of the development and optimalizations.

  • CerebrumBrasil

    Read more about the solutions Cerebrum has to offer.

  • SheroWashington, United Stated

    Value-driven eCommerce experts who add momentum to your online sales and brand presentation.

  • EcomusUnited Kingdom

    We build Magento. In fact we design, build, develop, manage, advise and host Magento./

  • PowerSync

    PowerSync seamlessly synchronizes your Magento store data with Salesforce CRM and Quickbooks Online.

  • PunchOut2GoVirginia, United States

    PunchOut Catalogs enable a company to sell online utilizing modern day e-Commerce Procurement solutions.

  • FoomanNew Zealand

    Fooman offers quality Magento extensions that are trusted by thousands of agencies, developers and merchants worldwide - including some of the biggest names in the industry.

  • MageworxMinneapolis, United States

    For over 7 years we have been passionately crafting better Magento experiences. Our product portfolio lists dozens of solutions designed to help you acquire, convert and retain more customers.

  • MagentoCampbell, United States

    Magento is the leading platform for open commerce innovation. Every year, Magento handles over $50 billion in gross merchandise volume. Here’s what makes Magento number one…

  • CrunchbaseSan Francisco, United States

    Crunchbase is the premier destination for discovering industry trends, investments, and news about hundreds of thousands of companies globally.

  • FrankwatchingThe Netherlands

    Frankwatching is the place to be for anyone who is interested in marketing, communication, social media and technology.

  • ByteThe Netherlands

    Byte hosting is more than a parking space for data. We provide hosting that helps websites grow.

How to become a partner

The following conditions apply

  • Partners can be either Web Agencies, independent Magento Consultants/ Developers or Other Module Makers with an established website.
  • A version of Cart2Quote and / or Not2Order must have been ordered before, and the reseller must have some previous experience installing and supporting the module(s).
  • Resellers are positive referrers of Cart2Quote, and they have left a testimonial on Magento Connect and if possible on our Google Plus Page.
  • Resellers actively promote and explain the Cart2Quote modules on their website.

What's in it for me?

What do you get

  • The amount of reduction depends on the number of orders you have placed. All resellers start with an attractive reduction.
  • Resellers receive priority support, but we expect that the reseller himself handles basic support questions.
  • Resellers will get a mention on the Cart2Quote website in the Partner listing, including a link.
  • Resellers receive a free Enterprise license for their development/demo server for demonstration purposes.

How to apply as a Cart2Quote Partner

Send your request for dealership to together with the information listed below. After approval, we will send you a reseller voucher code and the amount of reduction you will receive.

  • Step 1

    Your referral on Magento Connect and if possible on Google Plus.

  • Step 2

    The URL on your website containing Cart2Quote information and promotion.

  • Step 3

    Your order number of a previous Cart2Quote or Not2Order order.

  • Step 4

    A short intro of your company that we can use on our website, promoting you as a partner.

Become a Cart2Quote Partner

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