Magento 2 Supportdesk

The trusted hide prices and add-to-cart button
module for 3000+ users

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  • Manage ticket statuses
  • Set ticket priorities
  • Assign Magento admin users to tickets
  • Customize e-mail templates and auto responses

Availability: In stock


Magento 2 Supportdesk

With Magento 2 Supportdesk Potential clients are encouraged to ask pre-sales questions directly from your product catalog, and existing customers are likewise presented with a streamlined process to submit after-sales queries from the front-end and the Magento customer dashboard.

  • Required Magento Version

    This feature requires a minimum of Magento CE 2.x or EE 2.x. This feature is not available for earlier Magento versions.

  • Why a Customer Supportdesk?

    Why losing sales opportunities or causing existing customers to become unsatisfied due to a lack of response from you? This module seamlessly integrates a professional Support Desk directly in your Magento platform.

  • Update Cycle and Free updates

    With the purchase of Supportdesk comes an update cycle of 6 months of free updates.

  • What is the Early Adaptor Program (EAP)

    As part of the Early Adopter Program (EAP), you’ll play a pivotal role in the validation of this new software component. We also offer the opportunity to provide suggestions on the features of this new component, giving you a say in how the feature grows in functionality. To gather feedback on this feature and because we're introducing it as a minimal viable product (MVP), we are introducing this new feature for a strongly reduced price.

    Please note: that after the free update period, you will be charged a possible price difference between the EAP product and the final version of this feature if you want to update to the latest version.

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