Screenshots Not2Order

We have put together a collection of Not2Order screenshots of the many features this Magento extension has to offer. Feel free to explore our demo store to get a feel for working with Magento's most complete Quotation Extension.

  • Full flexibility in offering order functionality and price visibility

    Decide per product, per store, per website or per customer group whether products should be orderable or not, and whether prices should be visible or hidden. This Magento extension lets you decide.

  • Enable orders and show prices in one store and catalog-only-mode in another store

    One store for B2B customers and another store for consumers. With Not2Order this is no problem, you can enable prices and the order functionality per website, store or storeview.

  • Configure per product whether orders are possible

    Besides configuring per website, store or store view, or configuring your catalog based on the customer group, you can enable prices and the order functionality per individual product.

  • Customer groups and orders

    Enable or disable the order functionality of Magento based on customer group. Maybe some of your products are complex configurations and an order can only be processed after contact by telephone or a personal visit. In that case this module changes your store to a catalog only mode with or without prices.

  • Configure the visibility of the price per product

    Some products with a price and other products without? No problem, Not2Order will take care of it. This Magento extension will give you all flexibility to hide or show your catalog prices per individual product.

  • Customer groups and prices

    Hide or make your prices visible based on the customer group of the logged in customer. You can decide per customer group whether the prices should be visible or hidden. Ideal if you have B2B customers who you allow to see prices and General customers who should first request a quote.